The story behind Gspace

Huawei is a Chinese technology company that is one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world with a turnover of CNY 721 billion in 2018. Huawei was blooming as a company and expanding its market share aggressively. But in 2019, something bad happened. Starting from May 15, 2019, the US government has decided to bring up a ban against Huawei, as a result of that, Google has cut off its ties with Huawei. This resulted in Huawei's new products having no longer access to Google mail, YouTube, Drive, and also the Google Play Store. However, this tech giant has launched a new operating system called Harmony in august 2019. And later Huawei stated that their new operating system is based on Linux. Android is also on a modified version of Linux. But however, if you need to access Gmail, YouTube, Play Store and etc on your latest Huwaei device, You should download and install the Gspace app on your device which gives you the ability to smoothly access those banned services.

All you need to know

Gspace is the one and only solution for your Google-related services in 2022. You can download the latest version of Gspace on our website. And also we have presented a complete guide on our website on how you can install it correctly on your Huwaei device. This amazing app has been developed by ZHUOHUA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED which is a private company registered in Hong Kong. This app does not charge you a dime, so it is completely free to download and use it. Even though it is small by size, this apk contains some of the stunning features which will surely amaze you. And also Gspace is running smoothly on any device regardless of the speed and performance of the device. And if there is a problem with the apk or you are stuck in the process, you can always reach us through the contact box in the bottom. By the way, If you are a sim player, then you must have this mod with you, woohoo wellness mod 2022 And also Quest Patcher is one of the best game modifications for gorilla tag. Most of gspace users also have it.

Highlights of Gspace

App - Gspace
Version - v2.0.7
Size - 8.5MB
Last update - 2022-07-31
OS - Android
License - Free
Package - Gspace-com.gspace.android
Downloads - 134 534
Status - Active

Gspace 2022

Be up to date with the latest version of Gspace.

How to install Gspace?

1. Click the download button and download the apk file

2. Your browser may give security warnings, but just keep going, you are 100% safe.

3. Then you need to allow access to the browser to install the apk.

4. After you complete the installation process, you can open the app and enjoy!

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